At the Healing Boutique we consider yoga as a therapy, a healing modality to holistically heal one’s emotions and mind through movement of the body and stillness of the mind and emotions. Meditation is an integral part of yoga and our aim is always to reach that goal.

Being aware that we are a physical generation rather then a still and silent one and that most people have a preconceived notion they are going to find meditation impossible we have made meditation “do-able” for everyone by creating the “Moving Meditations” which simply use our physical body which we are so comfortable with as a tool to get us to meditate.

Ash is a wonderful teacher completely dedicated to supporting her students go deep into the philosophy of the yogic practice. No matter what was happening in my life, that one hour of the lesson was a space for me to relax, look inward, and focus on healing and calming myself. I was very disappointed when she moved to Dubai.
Devika Mahadevan, Mumbai, Yoga Student since 2005


I have been practicing Hatha yoga for the past 15 years and I have just started with Ash a few months ago. With Ash I have discovered new horizons, felt a new kind of energy that empowers me in my daily life despite this very short period of time with her.

Just by seeing her entering the class you are already on another plateau and you can’t wait to accompany Ash on a trip that is only yours and yours alone. You feel joy from inside out, you find yourself smiling for no valid reason which is the essence of well being you find yourself opening as a small flower bud you feel every bit of your body talking to you and communicating with you… such kind of a journey; it is only Ash who will lead you the way. God bless you Ash.
Mirna, Dubai

Ash, I loved your Jal Neti session and have been doing it ever since – I do not have any more nasal congestion and feel very relaxed and energized! Please keep on doing what you are because I am sure it is helping everybody else as much as it has helped me!
Ritika, New Delhi

Ash is the best Yoga instructor I have met in all the years I have been practicing the art. She combines all the necessary stretching and strengthening with total relaxation and I always feel like a “new person” after one of her classes.
Innes, Student since 2006

The Healing Boutique’s yoga programme and healings have helped me to manage my stress levels and I have not had my usual stress-related colds and flu for months. I feel great and am always recommending them to friends.
Lisa, South Africa

I would recommend Ash’s yoga class to everyone to try it and see the benefits for themselves….
SB – yoga student since 2006

I have been attending yoga classes with Ash since September 2008 and I must say it’s the most relaxing and rejuvenating experience of my day. The breathing exercises and the stretches make me feel so energetic and revived after the class that you forget about the stress and traffic you had before you walked in. Ash is a wonderful instructor and I would recommend anyone to join and experience the benefits.
Michelle, Dubai