We work with you to:

  1. Release pains and emotions no medical professional can diagnose. In most cases this pain is unidentifiable to medical professionals as there are no anomalies in x-rays, MRI’s and sonographies because the genesis of the pain is intertwined with some emotional and psychological trauma;
  2. Work with you to identify the roots of your issues and give you the tools to manage those issues while assisting you simultaneously with energy healings;
  3. Teach you how to eliminate your own pains, manage your emotional upheavels and manage to live with stress and still enjoy life;
  4. Help communicate with and work with our 4 legged and feathered loved ones; and
  5. Work with you to find your own way to connect to yourself through our own blend of yoga and meditation we call “Moving Meditations”.

We encourage everyone who visits our site to view all our testimonials in order to get an idea of how we can help transform lives. If you need help and are not sure if we can help you send us an email at: mail@healingboutique.net.

Ash was amazing with Brewski, our French bulldog, when he was sick. She had the uncanny knack of knowing what he was going through even when she hadn’t seen him in days. She knew exactly how to help him cope with his pain and he was comfortable till the end. We are eternally grateful to her.
Toral and Sanjay.

I have witnessed Ash taking care of animals, especially dogs, and she has a very special touch when it comes to communicating with them.  She devotes countless hours to healing them and showering them with affection, which they happily reciprocate.  I wish her even greater success in all her efforts in the years to come.
Mrs. Z. Commissariat

I never thought it would be possible for a person like myself, who is energetic to the point of fault, to be able to meditate. EVER. I’d tried before, but I was unable to reach that mind-vacuum space that everyone promised I’d reach if I concentrated. With Ashish’s soothing voice, directive lead and potion of verbal magic (for want of a better word) I was able to do it! And not just for a few seconds, but for a whole three to four minutes, I am given to believe