You can work with us:
1. In person, you can email us for an appointment at or call the Salt Escape for an appointment with Ash on + 91 22 2269 0034 /+ 91 22 2269 0035.

2. If you want to work with us by distance we can schedule a session on Skype or if we just need to provide you with an energy healing we will request you for certain details at the pre-agreed time.

3.  We also take appointments for four-legged or feathered loved ones. We can meet them at a pre-determined place or work with them by distance.

At present we are located in Mumbai, India. However we are happy to come and work with you wherever you are located providing all our costs and expenses relating to the commute, accommodation and other disbursements and expenses are met.


Please click this link to download PDF version(75 kb) of the agreement below, print, sign and carry to your first appointment with us. Else email the signed, scanned copy to

Over the past several years, I have personally relied on Ash for some unusual tasks. One of the most unusual events was when I was babysitting my grandson for the first time. I knew every evening he had a habit of crying uncontrollably and it was diagnosed as colic. When my grandson began to cry I got very frightened and contacted Ash. I was skeptical as to how a distant healing would work. Ash did what she had to and called me back and told me that the baby was too hot. As per her advice I removed all the baby’s coverings which were a sweater, blanket and a hat. In the next few hours my grandson didn’t utter a peep and I was terrified that something was wrong as he cried every single evening. As it happens it turned out he was better then ever. We stopped covering him and he never cried or had a “colic” attack ever again.