Like most corporate professionals we charge fees on the basis of the time we spend and we bill for any disbursements. Our hourly rate varies slightly depending on the jurisdiction within which we undertake to work with you. For more information please contact us on mail@healingboutique.net

We understand in certain circumstances we will need to provide services often for long durations of time under those circumstances we will provide you with a lumpsum rate.



This is our most successful and often opted for addiction package. We have had a 90 percent success rate for people who want to quit cigarettes. To opt for this package we advise that you pick a date and contact us once you fix the date you want to quit smoking. The night before you quit we request you to conduct a ceremony whereby you gift/trash all our smoking equipment, your cigarettes, cigars, pipes, ashtrays and even lighters away. We begin with our sessions as scheduled the next day and we assure you that in two sessions your craving will reduce and in the next week you may start to forget you smoke and at the end of the month you will feel the difference. Our past successes have informed us that they have experienced better taste, a better sense of smell and taste, a new vigour to their sex life and even a far more luxurious growth of hair and nails.

I was a smoker for 10 years. I smoked because I enjoyed it but then reached a stage where I was smoking way too much, just for the heck of it. More out of habit than need for it. That’s when I decided enough was enough, and decided to take Ash up on her offer to help. The thing which I found the best was after the first session itself I was stressed about how I was going to stay away from buying cigarettes, eating too much etc and guess what there were none what so ever urges!

I have to admit that I did in the middle let my guard down and smoked a few. The excuse being oh I am out and enjoying myself what difference will one make? This happened a few times. Then I went on holiday for a month and it became a few too many. The trend continued and I started buying again. This has nothing to do with Ash’s treatment not working but with my willpower rather the lack of it … because there were times I was smoking just for the heck of it, since I thought, oh I am holiday let me enjoy. It is when the enjoyment changes to habit very easily that the problem recurs. I came back from holiday we started again and this time round it been a few weeks I have not smoked at all. Feel so much better for it… my skin is also saying, Thank God, and looking better! I swear not to give into the temptation to even have a drag since that is all it takes to slide back, and after all the hard work put in by both of us, I do not want to ruin it again. I am now a total believer in Ash.
Zina, Ex‑Smoker, Mumbai

It’s now been 5 years, 7 months and 3 days since I’ve had a cigarette or even thought of having one. I’d unsuccessfully quit on several occasions before – the longest being approximately 3 months, the shortest 2 days – only to find I was often irritable, tired, and constantly craving a cigarette. Although admittedly cynical, I finally decided to try The Healing Boutique on the recommendation of a close friend – fully believing I would manage to stop smoking for a short period of time and then, as in the past, simply start up again. I had several healings over the period of a week. Since then, I’ve not smoked at all, but most importantly, nor have I wanted to. Gone are my cravings, and along with them, my cynicism. As I’m based in London, I’ve since had several distant healings for various other reasons, all of which have helped. I absolutely believe that I would not have been able to stop smoking were it not for The Healing Boutique, and would strongly recommend that anyone wanting to quit – particularly those having difficulty doing so – avail of their treatments.
PYV, London


We have had a good deal of experience in assisting people through their journey with Cancer. Although we have some fantastic human and animal successes stories in this battle with our partners, we are limited in predicting any success. There are those who fought valiantly and yet were vanquished but before then we were by their side in the fight, and the walk to the end; assisting them with pain management and emotional management.