The death of a loved one has to be processed, accepted and those who survive need to express themselves and their feelings in order to move on. It is challenging enough without having to endure the additional trauma of explaining it to a child, but unfortunately a lot of people have no other option.
This book is a tool for parents to explain and to help you and your child cope with your circumstances in order to strengthen your bonds and to fortify you as a family for whatever comes next.

Through the story of Maria, a little girl who is trying her best to cope with the death of her brother, this book highlights all the feelings, thoughts and emotions a child may expect to experience. Maria, like most children find the concept of death complicated and they find it difficult to communicate and convey what they are feeling at a time when they see loved ones struggling to cope. This is what stops them from asking questions and expressing their feelings.

By fostering an affinity with Maria, we hope that this story encourages your children to ask you questions, relieve them of any misconceptions they may foster about death and to help them feel secure and to be comfortable enough within the constrains of the difficult circumstance to confide their thoughts and feelings about their loss to you.

As a book, Heaven Me and You it is unique in the way that it deals with the concept of death and its purpose is to soothe and renew the reader’s bonds with the person who died and to remind them that their loved one will always be loved.

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Help Yourself Get Unstuck was written as a tool to get you through the worst times of your life, to accompany you on your journey from survival to living and enjoying life.

When you feel you are sinking in emotional and mental quicksand and you feel that there is no escape or respite from your circumstances, this very easy to read book is your friend that guides you towards choices and options available to you when you thought you had none.

This book is not here to preach or get you on any spiritual path. It is simply written to get you to transform yourself, by making some very basic choices in order for you to be happy being yourself and get what you want for and from yourself and your life.

This book doesn’t require or demand a lot from you at this point and time of your life. All you need is to do is read it and spare a few minutes every day to work on yourself by following the easy to do exercises, visualizations, mantras and other techniques that allow you to regain control over your life and self.

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I read your book too and being a self-help books junkie, I can say that this was the first book that I didn’t find preachy to an extent of wanting to punch the author in the face! Please continue your amazing work. I wish you all the success you can get and I know for you it is much more than “success” – you genuinely want to help. And I hope many people who might benefit from your healing will hear about you or see the website and come forward.

Love, always, MNG, Mumbai