ASH THE FACILITATOR: In order to answer what we do, we need to understand how the modality we use originated. Our tale starts with Ash, a typically overworked and underpaid lawyer who neglected herself and her family. She was in a terrible state physically and horribly stressed. When she finally went to a doctor she could not even answer when she began limping or when her shoulder was immobilised. The doctor performed many Xrays and proposed an MRI as he told her the XRay showed nothing to indicate why she was in so much pain. The lawyer who was also a yoga instructor found it very ironic and terribly frustrating she was simply unable to help rehabilitate herself with yoga.

So she took time off work to recover from inexplicable pains that plagued her. She left the lawyers offices and went on an unusual journey which led her from yogic therapy to energy healing to the use of Spirituality and Meditation. All things she mocked and considered airy-fairy and refused to accept before Western medicine failed her.

Once she worked out how to use energy to help eliminate her aches and pains she studied her new passions as a lawyer would, questioning everything taking nothing for granted. She is still studying and experiencing energy, challenging all her beliefs and living life as opposed to surviving life. In over a decade, the only time she set foot in a law firm again, was to negotiate a divorce for herself. She now spends time living, and helping others help themselves.

Asheesh offered me healing when I did not know how much I needed it. My brain fog, fatigue and anxiety had become such a part of my life that I had forgotten what it was like to live without them. Over just two sessions, she not only had me feeling more energised, motivated and lighter than I have in years, she also offered incredible insight and support. She is intuitive and compassionate but is also very much the voice of reason. What I love about working with Asheesh is that she combines her rational, logical mind with her very generous, deeply spiritual heart – a very rare and wonderful combination.
– CM

Besides being a lovely person, Ash is someone who can connect on a spiritual level and heal people from the depths of their soul. She is so dedicated to making people free of their stress that I could actually see you feel my pain and make it your own when in session with you… when I went through depression, I felt like I’ll never be able to smile or feel good ever again. She gave me the hope and strength little by little during our sessions. She planted a seed of self belief in me at a very difficult point in my life which helped me then and her words of encouragement and healing will always stay with me. She have been a blessing to me and I’ll always be grateful to God that I walked into her healing space.
Anjali B

Ash’s new technique is fantastic! The healings through the new method are effective and required less frequently as the effects are spectacular and one healing resolves numerous issues efficiently. She has helped me in resolving many emotional issues which manifest in pain in the physical body. Through the healings, the pain has disappeared.
SK Mumbai

There’s nothing easier than sitting and talking to Ash. She has an uncanny ability to know exactly what you’re trying to say and helps you get there. I’ve gone to her for multiple reasons multiple times and she has been fantastic each time!