INTRODUCTION: We offer bespoke holistic therapies and moving meditations that facilitate physical, psychological and emotional healing. We take great care to tailor every treatment to suit each individual’s unique ailments, emotional issues and mental traumas.

Our approach is to go beyond treating symptoms. We work with you, not on you, in order to understand the root cause of ailments. And then we offer tools to eliminate the cause of issue permanently, while assisting you with the appropriate holistic therapy to balance and heal you.

Over the last decade we have successfully worked with hundreds of people, helping them recover from physical, emotional and psychological ailments. The effectiveness of our therapies is confirmed by our testimonials.

I came to Ash with chronic back pain which was ruining my life beyond the physical aspect of it. I had not experienced any energy healing before and I came with my fair share of cynicism and doubt. But I was ready to try anything and what you did for me in days to relieve the pain no doctor did in years. I can’t ever thank you enough. Wishing you every success always.
KM, Paris

You literally got me out of a black hole and back to life. The results of the therapy within days were more than anything I had achieved through conventional medicine in two years. Nothing short of spectacular. I loved your sensitive approach and the fact that you were so down to earth (I was expecing a lot of “embrace your inner Goddess” kind of talk and none of it was there! Just things that made sense to me). I also highly appreciate your patience and availability beyond the call of duty on several occasions.
GM, Mumbai

I can emphatically say that my life has changed for the better after meeting Ash. She has helped me across a broad range of issues in a short span of time – confidence around public speaking, dealing with a challenging boss at work and feeling stronger overall. Whats best is that I can rely on her to help out on an ongoing basis, when I am facing challenges along the way. Thanks for all the help!
SS London